Celebrities Who Love Pop Art

Pop Art has been popular since the 1960's and continues to be used to add a cool style to home decor. Many celebrities have added Pop Art to their home decor. Below is a listing of several who just love Pop Art: 

1. Alex Rodriguez (NY Yankee baseball star)

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez is a big art lover. He has decorated his Coral Gables home with many pieces including, here in his living room, a Keith Haring painting hanging to the left and an Andy Warhol portrait of Jean Michel Basquiat on the right.

2. Khloe Kardashian (pop icon)

Khloe Kardashian worked with LA based interior designer Jeff Andrews to redecorate her home in Tarzana, California. Kardashian used pop art to add a fun spirit to the rooms. Below a Marilyn Monroe print hangs in the dining room.

A pop art collage piece which includes Elvis, hangs in the family gaming room.

3. Tommy Hilfiger (fashion designer)

Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee have a large home in North Miami filled with pop art. Below is the breakfast area with Vik Muniz's ode to Elizabeth Taylor.


In a guest bedroom hangs a Andy Warhol flower print.

In a hallway, a sculpture of a security guard by Marc Sijan stands next to a Keith Haring door panel; the work reflected on the far wall is by Marc Quinn.


In Hilfiger's master bedroom, a series of Marilyn Monroe photographs by Bert Stern.

Portraits of Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol hang in a living area.

4. Will Ferrell (comedian)

Will Ferrell has an art filled loft in the West Village in NYC with a Roy Lichtenstein print in the kitchen and two Donald Sultan flower prints above the dining room table. 


Ferrell also has ten Robert Indiana serigraphs above the living room couch.



5. John Mayer (singer, songwriter)

An Andy Warhol Silkscreen hangs in the master bedroom in John Mayer's Manhattan apartment.


6. Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5)

An Andy Warhol Silkscreen hangs over a French Art Deco cabinet in Adam Levine's Hollywood Hill's home.


7. Lindsey Buckingham (guitarist of Fleetwood Mac)

Lindsey Buckingham has an impressive pop art collection. The centerpiece is a Jasper Johns flag in the living room.


Artist Matt Pecson creates contemporary pop art with bold colors and painterly brushstrokes to uniquely capture the soul of the subjects he paints. He offers paintings in various sizes which makes his paintings affordable for every budget. Below is a James Dean in a customer's home in Canada.  

Pecson's work is also used by several retail shops and office buildings. His pop art is a fun addition for office workers and a stylish addition for retail decor.

For more information about Matt Pecson's work:


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