Announcment: Indian Pop Star Benny Dayal Celebrates Birthday with Matt Pecson Painting!

Announcement:  Indi-Pop Star Benny Dayal celebrated his birthday on May 13.

A close friend of Dayal, model/actress Catherine Thangam, commissioned Matt Pecson to create a custom painting of Dayal on a vinyl record to be given as a gift for his birthday.

Dayal was thrilled with the piece, sharing it on all of his social media channels.

On Instagram he wrote "Thank u @mattpecson and @catherinethangam for bringing me this wonderful piece of love. Had goosebumps wen I received it !! #earlybdaygift #vinylpaintings... Those who see or like this pls follow @mattpecson".

And on Facebook he wrote "Here's my early birthday gift from Catherine Thangam. Here we have a vinyl painting by the one and only Matthew Pecson . Thank u for this beautiful piece of love. I have no words to explain how extraordinary n beautiful this gift is. Dear friends pls follow this gentleman. He's truly gifted."

Pecson was honored to be a part of the celebration for such a gifted and humble artist!

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