Pop Art is Hot for Modern Home Decor

by Jennifer Carroll

Pop Art is becoming a must have for modern home decor. Kim Cook from AP writes, " Midcentury modern style is now firmly planted in the home decor landscape. And one of its elements, pop art, is cultivating a huge 21st century following."


Decor4All describes Pop Art style as..."It was born in the rebellious 60s as a symbol of manifestation of freedom in all aspects. Pop art influenced interior decorating ideas, creating the pop art style, which was exploring the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement that flourished at that time.

There are many modern interior decorating ideas that are inspired by the pop art style, excellent for creating your home interior decor with unique and bold flavor of the colorful, playful and entertaining pop art style." (http://www.decor4all.com/10-steps-modern-interior-decor-pop-art-style/18311/)

Khloe Kardashian worked with LA based interior designer Jeff Andrews to redecorate her home in Tarzana, California that she formerly shared with soon to be ex-husband Lamar Odom. Jeff Andrews called it a "glam-traditional" design. He explained "The overall style of the home, is sophisticated, upscale and livable all at the same time."


GOP Political Strategist Frank Luntz commissioned portraits of the founding fathers by artist Steve Penley for his LA home.


Add some whimsy to eclectic or even traditional rooms. Here are some other examples of Pop Art in the modern home.


Matt Pecson is a master at creating original pop art paintings. He can recreate a favorite pop art icon in colors to match your home decor, or he can create an original piece with several of your pop art favorites. 

For more information about Matt Pecson's work:


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